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Benefits of becoming a KRA Member include:

  • Provides an opportunity and venue to know your neighbours
  •  Is a vehicle for communications within our neighbourhood via this website, Facebook, meetings and newsletters
  • Represents the neighbourhood interests with local and regional government
  • Forum to develop shared objectives to protect and preserve the character and nature of our neighbourhood
  • Get access to the Members Only page (coming soon)

Membership renewals for 2023 are being accepted.

Payments can be made via E-transfer to KRA's Treasurer. Just send the Interac E-Transfer information to 

To renew or to become a member of KRA using the PayPal system, please complete the following steps:

Step #1. Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Step #2. Place Your Donation

*Our required rate is 60 dollars per person, up to two people. Required $120 dollars per family.

Please read: The cost for KERA to participate at the severance appeal requires that we ask our members to consider donating additional funds to cover these expenses. The average donation in the past has been $500 per household with some members contributing as much as $5,000. Please consider an amount that is appropriate for your situation.

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