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Contact Kingscross Ratepayers Association

Get in touch with the Kingscross Ratepayers Association to learn more about our work and find out how to donate.  We appreciate your support!  If you are looking for volunteer work, you may also use this form to contact us for possible positions, or questions. There are seven current Board members for 2018-2020: Leslie Whicher (Co-Chair), Mary Muter (Co-Chair), Ian Hilley (Secretary), John Hollick (Treasurer), Zruvan Chothia and Julie Nevin.


Kingscross Dr, King City, ON, Canada

Contact Us:

Mary Muter - Co-Chair:

Leslie Whicher - Co-Chair:

Ian Hilley - Secretary:

John Hollick - Treasurer:

Zruvan Chothia -

Julie Nevin -

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