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Welcome to Kingscross Ratepayers Association

Our Roots

About KRA

The Kingscross Ratepayers Association (KRA), is committed to a single goal; we strive to make the neighborhood a better place. Take a look around our website to find out what we are doing in our community to make this happen. 
Kingscross Estates Ratepayers Association (KRA) is an association of residents living in the community of Kingscross Estates in King City, Ontario. Kingscross Estates is the first and one of the largest estate residential communities in Canada comprising 170 residential homes each on approximately 2 acres. 
The KRA Board consists of up to nine residents who are elected for two years. 

Plans are underway for a return to Pine Farms later in 2023 so stay tuned for details as they become available

Membership renewals for 2023 are being sent out this month. Please renew as this is a main source of funding for our Association. Costs for renting meeting rooms have more than doubled and as a result the membership fees have increased. A single membership is $60 and a family membership is $120

Living in Kingscross Estates is an unique experience and not just for people, but also for our many wildlife friends who keep visiting us.

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